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Last Additions - 12/6/96 Well, looks like the season has come to a close. Hope everyone enjoyed the 1996 Sax Section Homepage. Keep your bookmarks because the 1997 Sax Section Homepage will be at this same address next marching season.

Collection From the Marching Season

Jason knows how to pump the bottom
The enthusiastic section doing the kickoff thing
Blow Dave blow!
Dustin, Gavin, Matt, and Kevin waiting to play Swing Swing Swing
Who the hell is Ed calling? He's checking his....ummm.....work schedule?
Pearl City High School's spectacular halftime show
Dave, Brandon, and Jerome, showing how they stretch before practice
Oooh lala, the Rainbow Dancers really show how to stretch
Sandra and Ben in high spirits even in the rain
Brett showing off his sexy legs
Kevin Kunisaki reacts after tasting the mildew on his reed.
Aaron Ching with big smiles for the camera
Its Bari Bazooka Jason
The Swing Swing Swing Gang
The Rainbow Dancers dacing to our favorite song, The Macarena
The band knows how to do the Macarena too.
Sax alumnist Mel Martinez. And visit Mel's website to see what he's up to nowadays
Wow, what a straight line (on the hash). That must be one awesome band.
The Castle gang hangin at the bandroom after the last game.
Garret, Cedric, Ed, and others drinking SODA after the last game.
Brandon get one strong finger......good for plug up his butt after he fart.

Come and meet the saxes!

  • Susan Mckeown
  • Brandon Oshiro
  • Matt Alonzo
  • Dave Shiroma
  • Edgar Lamug
  • Brett Holm
  • Genevieve Ancog
  • Jocelyn Kunimitsu
  • William Cheung

    1996 Sax Shirt
    Designed by:   Grant Tokumi

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  • Gwen Nakamura

  • George Matsumoto

  • Sandra Yamashige

  • Derek Suzuki

  • Kerry Wasano

  • Dustin Chang

    Genevieve Ancog
    Jocelyn Kunimitsu
    Trenton Yasui
    Matt Alonzo
    Kristi Sato
    Scott Eugenio
    Cedric Duarte
    Ginn Sakagawa
    David Utera
    Kyle Shiroma
    Kevin Shin
    Joshua Cadelinia
    Ryan Araki
    Janel Akana
    Stacey Takaki
    Ryan Kadota
    Brandon Higa
    Kevin Kunisaki
    Ben Wadahara
    Kawika Lucas
    William Cheung
    Gavin Gushiken
    Reid Shishido
    Kauhi Akana
    Bryan Peralta
    Gavin Min
    Lance Lorenzo
    Susan Mckeown
    Dave Shiroma
    Brandon Oshiro
    Jerome Padua
    Grant Tokumi
    Edgar Lamug
    Jason Kaneakua
    Terry Evangelista
    Brett Holm

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