You've found the R/C Archive's popular movie collection. Still pictures tell only part of the story. View these movies and see what really makes this hobby so enjoyable.

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(mpg, 351K)

Aaron's RC10T: nice powerslide for the camera

(mpg, 404K)

What snowboarders and RC have in common

(mpg, 538K) or (mov, 1300K, with music and sound!)

Some clips from a local race

(mpg, 667K) or (mov, 1500K, with music and sound!)

Some clods racing

(mpg, 341K) or (mov, 1000K, with music and sound!)

Neil's Clod movie

(mov, 2000K, with music and sound!)

RC Man's Traxxas Stampede

(mpg, 442K) or (mov, 1416K, with music and sound!)

On Road

Dave's 1/10th scale pan car down the straightaway

(mpg, 311K) or (mov, 1000K, with sound!)



Bully's RC10GT down the straightaway.

(mpg, 104K): or (mov, 576K, with sound!)

Another Inferno MP5 down the straightaway

(mpg, 257K): or (mov, 1000K, with sound!)

Ogie's Inferno MP-5 doing some acrobatic meneuvers

(mpg, 240K): or (mov, 1230K, with sound!)

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

(mpg, 593K) or (mov, 1680K, with music and sound!)

Do Not Try This at Home

(mov, 3100K, with music and sound!)

More Jumping RC10GTs

(mpg, 700K) or (mov, 1800K, with sound!)

On Road

Jim's 1/8th scale Serpent down the straightaway

(mpg, 395K) or (mov, 1000K, with sound!)

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