kite camera
Here's a picture of Kapiolani Park taken with my original kite camera. Its basically a disposable panaramic camera with a rigged up cooking timer on top to press the shutter after 5minutes, 10 minutes, or whatever. See the string. You can also see my white car in the parking lot. I'm standing maybe 30 feet from my car, can't see me but I'm in there. You can also see Waikiki Shell on the left.

Original Cooking Timer Setup: Quality is not very good

Sandy Beach on Oahu
Anini beach on Kauai: Troop 35 Boy Scout Summer Camp 1995. Campsite next to the beach.
Anini beach on Kauai: farther up the beach.
Anini beach on Kauai: little closer view. Part of campsite seen at the bottom of the picture.
Picture of my kite camera

Current version of the kite camera: This one is radio controlled

Waialua Beach on Molokai
Waialua Beach on Molokai: flagpole at a different angle
Waialua Beach on Molokai: tried to get the flag plus some tents
Waialua Beach on Molokai: Almost gets the entire campsite
I'm finding that a radio controlled setup is better than my original timer setup in most cases. Pictures came out clearer with this setup because I had control of when I wanted to snap the shutter. The camera sways and moves alot while in the air. I'm suspecting that the blurry timer shots were due to this swaying of the camera when the timer went off. The only potential problem I haven't tested yet is the range of the radio control. I'm not sure of how high I can take the camera without getting out of radio's range. So far I've taken it to around 800 ft without any problems.

This time I used a regular disposable camera as oppossed to the panaramic camera I used in the original version. Both work equally well in my opinion. My next investment will be in an automaitic camera so I don't have to bring down the kite after every shot.

A cool Kite Arial Photography link

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