DIY air pump silencer
Here's an awesome idea I found in the aquaria newsgroup to quiet up loud pumps like the Tetra Luft. The noise was virtually eliminated when I suspended the air pump in a bottle by its power cord. I drilled a 1 inch diameter hole in the middle of the bottle cover to fit the power cord and the plug through it. Another smaller hole was drilled just long enough to snuggly fit the air tubing through, and another hole just large enough to fit a 3 - 4 inch length of 5/16" diameter rigid tubing. This pipe lets air into the bottle for the pump to pump. The most time consuming part is cutting and glueing two pieces of plastic in a way so that it crimps the power cord and closes that 1 inch hole. After this just make sure the pump doesn't touch the side wall and you have yourself a very quiet air pump.