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Marine Aquarium

Size: 55 gallons
Filter: wet/dry (DIY), protein skimmer (DIY)
Lights: Two 40W Tritons, Two 40W Actinic 03s


Fresh Water Aquarium

Size: 70 gallons
Filter: Magnum 350, Penguin 300
Lights: 40W Vitalite, 40W Cool White



Fresh Water Aquarium

Size: 55 gallons
Filter: 2 AquaClear 201 powerheads to an undergravel filter, 1 Penguin 300 powerfilter


For the Marine Aquarium Enthusiast

DIY Ideas

air pump silencer: put it in a bottle
salt water tank hood: made out of rain gutters and PVC pipe


Wet/Dry Filter (DIY = Do It Yourself)
The wet/dry filter uses drinking straws for bio-media. The sump was a 20 high tank but the bottom of it cracked and leaked so I have a 10 gallon temporarily in its place. The trickle filter tower is a 5 gallon bucket and I'm using undergravel filter plates for a drip plate. The pre-filter box is made from 2 old powerfilters.

Protein Skimmer
I added a 4.5" diameter x 36" high counter current protein skimmer in June 1994 (also DIY). A Tetra Luft and a Supra II provides air into 2 wooden airstones. The top area of a 2 liter soda bottle works as a funnel for the foam and a plastic container drilled and glued to the soda bottle catches the overflowing foam. Water is gravity fed through the skimmer at maybe 100 to 200 gph (totally guessing).

A Little Giant 2-MDQ-SC runs the entire filter and a AquaClear 802 is placed in the tank just for water circulation.

My fish appears to be happy. I used to have a hair algae problem but I added my protein skimmer, a bag of Chemipure made by Boyd Enterprises, the yellow tang, and weekly water changes instead of monthly water changes to my system and one or some or all of those things solved my algae problem. Noise is still a problem. The Little Giant is definitely the largest contributer to the noise problem. I will get an Iwaki pump (Japanese model ) next time. The water dripping in to the sump, gurgling sounds in the pre-filter box, hood fans, and air pumps (mostly the Supra) also adds to the noise.

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